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Birthdate:Dec 5
Location:New Jersey, United States of America
Hi - Okay I am over 18 and I live in New Jersey (USA), am of Mexican/Cuban descent and fluent in both English and Spanish. I'm a mom to a fantastic little boy of 4 who is such a joy. I love seeing the world through his eyes and watching his quirky personality develop. I never thought I'd be a mom but now that I am I can see why kids are the way to live forever - who needs a fountain of youth I say.

I work in public relations (beauty, fashion, food) but am planning on going back for a PhD in archeology. Yes, I'm a geek who loves handbags and shoes! :-) I've been in PR for so long that I can't take schloking more crap to the world. Life is more than a hit on The Today Show!

You'll see from my interests that I love archeology (Mesoamerican: religion/mythology and socioeconomic society development to be exact). I do consider myself a movie horror genre "expert" - I've watched the most obscure films including international. I also have a very electic taste in music (thank my Latin Jazz muscian father for that).

I'm an avid reader of fan fiction and do Beta work for writers that don't mind that I don't quite fit the Beta guidelines. So if anyone needs a Beta, let me know. I try and offer more than just grammar, spelling, general editing help - I ask the writer how they prefer to work and offer options of how they want to see editing work and if they are open to story plot ideas/recommendations. These are really my preference.

I haven't written anything (yet) but am thinking I might dabble, I used to write short stories and children's fiction but haven't in a while so getting the gumption to do it again is something that has elluded me. Some fave ships:

- Draco/Hermione (Harry Potter)
- Sirius/Hermione (Harry Potter)
- Blaise/Hermione (Harry Potter)
- Lucius/Hermione (Harry Potter)
- Bella/Edward (Twilight)

I still discovering communities/friends/general LJ so feel free to send me a message if you think there's something I might enjoy. Also, friend me if you like. I'm a pretty easy-going person unless someone really pisses me off! :-D

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